Learn Aces and Eights a Free Video Poker Game

When it comes to playing games online, I find that the best ways to learn about the different ones that are available is by playing them for free. A free video poker game provided by RTG software is a great place to start. One of the top online variants of this classic is Aces and Eights. This game used to be called Dead Man's Hand. It has a long history in the world of poker, even before it became popular online. Real Time Gaming offered this title as one of their first options. In order to win, you just have to beat a single opponent. It can be played as a table game or at a machine.

Aces & Eights


Personally, I had not played Aces and Eights and was interested in giving the game a try. There are 52 cards used for this title and no wilds. The cards are shuffled after every round and certain hands will provide you with a higher payout. I was lucky enough to hit a set of 4 threes during one of my hands and I won a pretty nice little purse from it. If you get 4 Aces or 8s you will earn a higher payout. The highest paid hand for this particular variant is the royal flush. This is a hand where you have the 10 through the Ace of one suit. This is the highest hand in almost every type of poker available and those who can manage it will certainly walk away a bit richer than before.