Jokers Wild with Joker Poker

Jokers Wild is one of the most popular variations of video poker that draws upon its Five Card Stud counterpart. Essentially, the primary thing that sets this version of the game apart from all of the others is that the deck uses 54 cards instead of the traditional 52 due to the addition of two Jokers. These Jokers are always wild and can be used to complete any card combination except for the highest-paying Royal Flush. Like other versions of video poker, since gamblers are not playing against real-life opponents and are playing against a machine, these players must be able to create a hand that consists of a pair of Jacks or better in order to receive a payout. The payouts for the pair and two pair are the same at even money and the payout for a Royal Flush is the highest in the game.

Joker Poker


In order to play the game, the player will determine his or her wager amount and then click the 'Deal' button. Then, five virtual cards will be presented to the player. The player must use the values of these cards and a basic strategy in order to determine which cards to hold and which to trade for new cards in the process of building a poker hand. To hold cards, the player simply needs to click on them. Once the cards have been marked, the player simply clicks the 'Deal' button again to exchange the unmarked cards. Like other poker games, the payouts for Joker Poker depend solely upon the odds; the lesser the odds of creating a hand, the higher the payout. The game is available in both paid and free video poker machines.