How to Develop Video Poker Strategies for Profit

As a casino games player who's won and lost my share of cash I can tell you for certain that playing successfully for profit requires a lot of practice. I've also learned the hard way that you really need a firm plan based on knowledge of the game you wish to play. In this brief guide I share my insight into Video Poker strategies, since this is a popular Internet gambling pursuit in Canada and the one in which I've been most successful. To profit from this electronic gambling phenomenon, an element of skill is needed, unlike slots for example. If the tips I provide here whet your appetite to try it out, you can find plenty more information on specialist websites, as well as on general gambling sites.

To start off then, we'll examine the need for practice. You will need to practice your play a lot in order to be profitable. Fortunately, practicing doesn't mean you have to risk your money while you progress from being a novice player, to one who has knowledge enough to profit. Simulation software is available, though I prefer to practice on one of the many online casinos in Canada that provide play money accounts. Unlike table poker, where simulation is limited in value as a learning tool, simulating the video version is exactly the same as playing the real thing. A machine is a machine, whether you get to use it for free or put your money into it.

Along with getting plenty of practice, I believe in scouring every Internet resource you can find that shares tips on how to succeed at the different VP variants. Bob Dancer and Jean Scott are two of the most knowledgeable writers on this subject, although I also recommend you read anything by Skip Hughes. Hughes' focus is on bricks and mortar rather than Internet play, but he shares a lot of useful tips that can be applied to Internet gaming. His writing is also entertaining to read. Forums and blogs, which specialize in this form of gambling, are also great sources of information. Of course, not every piece of information you read will be reliable. However the more you read, the more you will be able to make up your own mind.

Some specific tips for playing machines such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are probably in order at this point. A good one to remember is that a low pair is of more value than any single card. Another one is this: When holding three of a kind, you should always discard the fourth and fifth cards in the hope of making four of a kind or a full house. Also, for optimal playing, never draw to a four-card inside straight. However, if I'm holding a four-card royal flush, I'll draw for the full flush every time, even if that means breaking up a straight or lesser flush. Trust me, if that Royal comes up the payoff is always worth the risk.

By taking time to study Video Poker strategies and practicing regularly, you can learn to play these immensely popular casino games well enough to profit as I have. Like any gambling pursuit though, having fun should be your primary goal, with any profit coming as icing on the cake. Having profit as your expectation will achieve nothing. For one thing, the house always has the edge, no matter how well you know your stuff. For another, when profit comes before fun, it often follows that you'll be disappointed on both counts.