How to Play Double Double Bonus Poker

Playing a truly free video poker game online hasn't always been easy. I've noticed during my time as an avid gamer, websites want you to fund your account with real money, download software, or at least sign up with your email address before you can access any free games. Now, you can play Double Double Bonus Poker by RTG Software directly on this page without signing up for a thing. You'll get $1,000 of fun money so you can perfect your skills. There's nothing to download and it's really easy to get started.

Double Double Bonus Poker


While I didn't manage to get the highest payout possible of $4,000 with a royal flush during my half-hour session, I did have a good time and I found that the game is simple enough to play. All I had to do was select my wager and click deal; my cards were shown to me instantly. Choosing my 'keepers' was simple enough as I only had to click on them and then click the deal button again. When I won - which was often with high pairs and occasional with things like a flush or a full house - my winnings were highlighted in the pay table and credited to my account immediately. All it takes is a pair of Jacks to win even money, and things like a four of a kind can pay out as much as 350 times the initial wager! I really liked this title and at the end of my session I found that I had won a total of $55, but I bet the max for every hand.