Using Video Poker Strategy Charts to Your Advantage

Unlike a lot of casino games out there, video poker is one of those options in which the choices you make have an immediate and direct effect on the outcome of the hand. Once I was able to understand the gravity of this, I discovered that using a video poker strategy chart when I played the game online was the absolute smartest move I could make. These are based on mathematics and odds and help me decide which move is best in any situation.

The Development

When I'm given a five-card hand after clicking 'Deal', there are 32 different possible combinations that I could put together to win a prize. Now, theoretically, it should be possible to determine which moves I will need to make in order to produce that prize simply by entering some figures into a high-powered computer and letting it make the decision for me. However, since I don't have a high-powered computer in my back pocket, I had to settle for the next best thing. There are all kinds of mathematicians out there who have produced the results I need and put them into printable video poker strategy charts.


Before you decide to sit down with one of these sheets of paper (or packets, as they often turn out to be) I want to stress that there are more than 25 different versions of this game in existence today. This means that you'll literally want to print out the unique video poker strategy charts for each of the variations that you intend to play. In some cases, Deuces are wild. In others, Jokers are wild. In still others, you might have to collect four or five Aces in order to produce a jackpot. Whatever the case, you'll be able to find the corresponding strategy.

How to Use It

What you'll see on the page you print out is a list of all of the possible hand combinations for the particular variant you've selected followed by the odds of receiving a winning hand based upon the cards that you can currently see. So, what you will want to do is take a look at your first five cards and see which of the scenarios on the chart best fit what you see. If more than one seem to be feasible, then you'll want to take a look at which one presents you with the best odds. Thus, the only real thing that you have to do is compare the things you see. The decision will ultimately be made for you.

Although there isn't anything that you or I can do to 'force' the cards we really want to appear on the screen, we can use video poker strategy charts to help us win more money over time. It may be slow going and it may take 100 high pairs to help you get to your $1000 goal, but it is completely possible as long as you're able to stick to it and not stray due to your gut or intuition.