How to Play Bonus Poker Deluxe

RTG Software has created a free video poker game that is fun and easy to play. I recommend playing Bonus Poker Deluxe on this web page without having to download or sign up for anything. A simple variation of five card draw, I like this game because the generous payout table makes it easy to at least break even with every hand. The rules are simple, game play is fast and smooth, and you can win with nothing more than a pair of Jacks.

Bonus Poker


When I started my session, I simply clicked the number of coins I wanted to wager and chose to bet the maximum which is five coins. I played for about 25 hands and found that the title is easy enough to navigate and that all of my winning combinations were highlighted automatically in the payout table. These were instantly credited to my fun balance so that I could just continue playing while the machine itself kept track of my balance. When I was ready to go for the next hand, all I had to click was the 'deal' button. I didn't have to select my wager every single time, and that was nice. There aren't any in-game bonuses or special features, but I did receive plenty of payouts for things like high pairs, a full house and even one straight which was exciting! At the end of it all, I had won about $10.