Try the Let'Em Ride Video Poker Game for a Classic Twist

The Let'Em Ride video poker game made available by RTG software is one of my favorite titles of all time. While some of the other variants of this classic can become monotonous over time, this one is always exciting and new. If you are interested in trying out a fun free demo, you can do so right here on this page with no download necessary. I'm sure that Canadians will love the variation. All in all, I would describe it as a cross between traditional five-card stud and Texas Hold'Em that requires several rounds of betting - and several rounds of excitement, too! It took me a few hands to get used to it, but I really loved it and I'll be sure to enjoy it again.

Let'Em Ride


In my first experience with Let'Em Ride video poker, I decided that I'd play about 20 rounds just to see if I would enjoy it. I placed my ante of $1 and was surprised when I received three cards and the dealer placed two more down face down in front of me. I was asked if I wanted to check or raise, so I decided to check at that point. When the dealer flipped the first of the two face down cards, a King turned up which matched the King in my hand. I doubled by initial ante and found that, after the last card was flipped, I had two pair. Payouts here are handsome and I really liked the fact that I could get even money for a pair of 10s or better unlike most of the other variants out there.