Microgaming's Poker Pursuit and Bonus Deuces

Poker Pursuit is a unique game available from Microgaming. In most online casino poker variants the player's hand is compared with the dealers' and the best one wins. In this variation, there is no dealer's hand, and the player's final hand is compared directly with a payout table. The payout table begins with tens or better, which are 2:1. The payouts, of course, gets better as the hand does. The coin denominations available are 0.50, 1, 2, 5, and 10. Players start by being dealt three cards face up, then they have to decide to raise or call. If you raise, a second coin of the same dimension is automatically wagered. This repeats for the next two cards.

Poker Pursuit


Comparison with Bonus Deuces

Bonus Deuces is a video poker game from BetSoft. One unique feature here is that a Royal Flush pays 1000:1 regardless of how many coins you use. The coin denominations are similar to the title mentioned above, from 1 to 5, and they are worth from $0.02 to $5.00. Unlike Poker Pursuit where it takes tens to win, it takes at least three-of-a-kind to win in Bonus Deuces. Deuces are wild, and there are also several special hands listed on the pay table, such as five-of-a-kind and wild Royal Flush.

User Experience Feedback

We have made an internet version of Poker Pursuit available to you right here on this page and there is never any kind of payment, deposit or download required. Take some time to decide whether or not you enjoy this awesome game, and then leave some feedback along with a rating so that others can hear your opinion.