Wild Fun and Big Wins in Loose Deuces Video Poker

Loose Deuces video poker is a popular variant that is provided by RTG software. It expands upon the traditional mechanics that are centered on five-card draw and add in a new mix of wilds and strategy. Essentially, the goal is to build the best possible hand in two deals, but with the fact that all of the 2s in the deck are wild, the payout scale has been modified.

The first thing of which individuals should be aware is that since the payouts for premium hands have been increased (including the payouts for completing combinations that involve multiple wilds), those that are associated with the more common combinations have been decreased if not eliminated altogether. While most variants will award a prize for completing at least a pair of Jacks, this one only gives out a prize when users are able to complete a three of a kind. As always, the highest winning hand is a Royal Flush, but the next in line is a combination of four 2s that also pays out a sizeable sum of 2500 coins. Other unique wins include a Royal Flush that is completed with the use of wilds and the five of a kind in which any number of wilds can be used.

Of course, the best way to turn a profit with Loose Deuces video poker is to make sure that you bet all five coins regardless of the denomination you choose. This increases the amount you can win substantially, particularly when you get into the more valuable combinations. For instance, you'll win only 1200 coins when you are playing four, but that increases to 4000 whenever you choose to bet the maximum number.