Play Cyberstud Poker for a Different Type of Experience

Poker aficionados are always looking for new ways to enhance their experiences and mix up their gameplay. Cyberstud progressive poker is just one of the many ways to do that, and this is definitely a different and exciting experience. Essentially, it is a two-part, single-player game that uses only a single deck of 52 cards. Players only need to place different wagers on the ante, jackpot and bet spots in order to have a chance to win a huge progressive jackpot when they are able to complete a Royal Flush. The poker hand is the first part of the game; the player receives five cards face up and the dealer receives one card face up. Then, the player decides whether to play or fold, and if the gambler wants to play, then the player must double his or her ante and place this money in the 'bet' area.

Cyberstud Poker


Then, the dealer receives the other four cards and must qualify with a hand of at least an Ace and King or higher. The player receives the bet and both antes in the event that the dealer does not qualify. Then, the hands are compared. If the dealer wins, the player loses the bet and the ante. If the player wins, then the player wins both the bets and the ante. Players can then wager on the jackpot, and if the Royal Flush appears, then the player wins! Though Cyberstud is not like a free video poker game, it is a great way for players to pass the time and play poker in a different light.