Higher Payouts with the All American Video Poker Game

Canadian gamblers who are looking for a little something different when it comes to their experiences are sure to enjoy the All American video poker game from NetEnt software. I found that it was derived from the same basic rules that govern Jacks or Better, but there are a few twists to the pay tables that can make things exciting. In fact, anyone who is interested in giving this game a whirl with no download or registration necessary can enjoy a fun free demo right here on this page. I'm sure that everyone will really enjoy it even though the payouts for smaller hands may be a bit lower than expected.

All American


I decided that I would give All American a shot for about half an hour, and considering that I can get through about two hands a minute, that's a pretty decent timeframe in which to get a feel for things. The first thing I noticed about this title was that two pairs didn't pay out the traditional two to one; instead, they only paid even money. However, the middle hands - starting at the full house - had payouts that were a bit higher than what I was used to. As such, I tried to focus my attempts on getting at least a full house and I think I did so rather successfully. At the end of what I figure to be about 60 hands, I managed to come out $25 on top after betting about $5 per hand that was dealt.