More Chances to Win with Tens or Better

Tens or Better is an incredibly popular video poker variation, but it is one that is also hard to find in some online venues. Gamblers tend to flock to it because they only have to create a pair of 10s or better in order to receive a payout, but many people fail to realize that with the addition of this single payout, the pay scale itself has been adjusted somewhat to compensate for the online casino's potential losses. For instance, where a Royal Flush may pay out 100 times in a standard Jacks or Better game, this is typically reduced some in a Tens or Better variant. This video poker version is typically better for players who would rather win smaller amounts of money frequently than larger amounts of money more infrequently.

Tens or Better


Of course, there are people who enjoy video poker but who do not want to spend any money in order to play. These individuals may be able to find this game in a free video poker version, but this is rare. The best way to do this is to find a video poker suite that is available in both a free and paid version, then check to determine whether or not this particular variant is included. The game itself is played like all other poker games: the player receives five cards, chooses which to hold and which to exchange by clicking the ones he or she wants to hold, clicks the 'deal' button and receives the final hand. The lesser the odds of creating that hand, the higher the payout will be.