The Many Variations Of Microgaming Video Poker

Microgaming video poker games are the epitome of excellence and the standard by which other software developers have set their goals. They offer up 18 different versions of this casino classic that are fun to play and even more exciting to win. What's more, if you are interested in winning a progressive jackpot without the monotony of a slot machine, then their Supajax and Jackpot Deuces titles are going to be exactly what you've been looking for.

The first thing that you'll want to consider before you choose a variation of Microgaming video poker is the payout percentage that is associated with it. It is important to note that each one has a different rule that will ultimately influence the overall odds. As such, Microgaming has changed the pay scale in such a way that the hands you'll need to win even money bets are more difficult to obtain whenever there are wilds or special combos introduced. So, the highest payout percentage out there is in the All Aces option at a whopping 99.92%. Conversely, the lowest comes with Louisiana Double at only 93.45%.

Of course, now that you know which titles offer the highest percentages, you'll want to know what they actually mean. When the number reflected is 99.92%, for example, this means that you are mathematically likely to receive $99.92 back out of every $100 you spend. Of course, there are some serious exceptions to this rule, such as for those who make poor decisions or those who are lucky enough to win huge payouts with a royal flush. For the most part, though, the higher percentage means better odds for the player. This software developer's offerings are regularly audited, too, and this means that the numbers you see here are provided by independent third parties rather than the developer itself.

Finally, you'll want to discover which Microgaming video poker title you enjoy the most. Just because All Aces has the best odds doesn't mean you'll actually enjoy it. For instance, Tens or Better is a common favorite not because people tend to win more money, but because they win more often since all they need is a pair of 10s rather than a pair of Jacks, Kings, Aces or even a three-of-a-kind just to get even money. Similarly, many people prefer wild cards like those found in Deuces & Joker. Whatever you like, you're sure to find it here.

With 18 different varieties from which to choose and a relatively impressive return on the majority of them, you truly can't go wrong with Microgaming video poker. This company is the pioneer of online gambling as it is known today, and this truly shows in the quality of their work down to the very last detail. You can find their offerings in more than 100 casinos across the globe, many of which are available for people in Canada in either a free or real money format. No matter which you prefer, you're sure to have a great time collecting the best hands possible.